Finally stripped out and ready to start the fun…!

It has been a bit of a whirlwind of destruction the last couple of weeks. The bus arrived at the end of February a good 4 weeks ahead of schedule and luckily I had a bit of time to crack on getting her stripped out ready for the build. It actually turned out much easier than I had first imagined. To start with, the seats had obviously been out fairly recently, as none of the bolts sheared which was a very nice surprise.

Pulling the luggage racks out was a different matter though, they were a real pain in the a**e. Both sides must have weighed in at 150+ kgs, held in with what we discovered were about 200 screws and 16 bolts each… Plaxton certainly know how to build a solid vehicle, but didn’t half take a lot of effort to pull them out.

What are we left with… a complete blank canvass! We’ve built a few vans in the past, but they have always already been campers of sorts, so we’ve just modified and rebuilt aspects of them. This is a complete different ball game. It is so nice having the space to really make our own!

Got a week or so of ‘boring’ but necessary jobs to do now, insulating the roof for one – there was nothing but a big air gap underneath the old ceiling panels. Managed to blag some celotex boarding in exchange for the old seats which has saved us a bunch of cash… but there is a lot of space to be getting filled! Think we’re going to ply line the ceiling and add some nice wood stain to bring out the grain. Then we can get on to the real build. Stud work should fly up pretty quickly and it’ll start taking shape in no time… hopefully. 🙂

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