Solar (Temporary) Install

One of the most important things for us with this build was getting as close to being fully off-grid as possible. For many obvious reasons we would like to be as self sufficient as we can be, and with the price of solar as it is it seemed the best bet for providing all of our electrical needs. The main reason to start off with though, is we don’t have access to mains power in the yard where we are storing the bus during the build. It made perfect sense for one of the first jobs on the list to be the solar install… albeit a temporary mock up of the finished setup.

Having used a solar setup on our previous bus, we kind of had a head start with it all, but since that build a lot has changed and we learnt a lot. For the new setup we knew we wanted BIG! We have initially opted for 2x250w 24v polycrystalline panels, running through a MPPT charge controller into 4x110ah 12v leisure batteries wired in parallel. We are running this as a 12v system, and the charge controller kicks down the panel voltage to 12v with ease. We are currently running a 1500w pure-sine wave inverter off the batteries to provide power for tools etc during the build (although this I think will have to get increased to a 3000w inverter soon as it turns out power tools like to eat watts!)

I’ll do a comprehensive post on the setup, how its wired and what gear we have used once it’s installed properly, but for now this should give you a quick idea!

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