Grim reality of work…

There’s been little progress on the bus these last couple of weeks. Had to get our heads down and back to work to get together the next load of cash for the bus. We sold our old (much smaller) bus to fund the build of this new one, and luckily we spent out on most of the expensive gear needed for the build straight away but the coffers are getting low now so a few weeks of hard graft it is!

I work in the film industry, installing computers/TVs/projectors on set. While it’s a fantastic job in many ways it means I can be away from home for weeks on end. This can really start to take its toll on us as a family, and one of the biggest drives behind a complete change in lifestyle is to make sure we all have much more time to spend together. I’ve got some projects in mind to try help bring in some income while on the road – watch this space! And where possible carry on with bits for my current company – albeit in a different guise.

Amy is currently on maternity leave, but even though that means she doesn’t have to go to work as a nurse for the next few months it doesn’t mean she’s not been working. Currently balancing breastfeeding/nappy changing/sick cleaning and rocking to sleep our 17 week old son, taking every sleeping moment of his to crack on with her new project making macrame artwork. Amy grew up in the US and picked up lots of amazing art and craft skills in her time there and now with two kids and a change in direction in life we’re hoping she’ll be able to cut back on her nursing career and focus more on her creative side for work.

From doing our research, and speaking to friends who have been successfully living full time in vehicles we’ve come to the conclusion that although you have significantly lower outgoings, a stable income will still make the difference between having a life changing positive experience, or having one you may turn to resent. With this in mind, having a few smaller and ultimately much less stressful income streams rather than both having our ‘careers’ should see us well… we hope! With the fact that we’ll both be able to dip back into ‘the day job’ if need be.

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