Settled on a Floor Plan…

After weeks of quick sketches, back aching drawings on the floor of the bus and plenty of research we have finally settled on our design for the interior of the bus… I think!

Legend…Should explain all the weird dots!

There were a few very important objectives to think about when we were coming up with the design.

  • Retaining as much of the natural light as possible.
  • Limiting the amount of floor to ceiling structure to retain a sense of width.
  • Comfortable day to day usage.
  • Weight Distribution.
  • Lighting (very important!)
  • Having useable space that can be separated if any of us need a bit of ‘private’ time.

Finally settling with what we have feels great. Having a light and open plan living space, effectively the Kitchen/Diner/Studio flat feel to the front half of the bus will work great. There are many designs out there that try to cram as much storage into a space as possible and can often feel like a bit of a corridor and this is what we wanted to avoid. A huge (8ft) sofa, with ample storage underneath for relaxing on an evening opposite the gorgeous multi fuel stove from our old bus up front, This I am sure will be where we spend most of our time

We really enjoy cooking so a large (for a bus anyway) kitchen is really important too, with plenty of space to prep food. A proper dining space for the 4 of us was a must meaning that each meal time we can all sit down together and talk about our days. The seats for the dining area are going to be custom built by our very talented friend, the frame will be made with strong stainless steel, clad in wood, but giving the strength to take 3 point seat belts for when we are travelling! Again plenty of storage built into the seating.

Front section of the bus… The living space

Going back through the bus will be the bunks for the kids, these are going to be designed by Holly, our daughter – We really want to make sure that they have as much of an input on the design as possible. Opposite the bunks will be the toilet & shower rooms. Whether these stay as two separate rooms or get merged into one is just about the only question mark over the layout we still have.

At the back will be the ‘master bedroom’. A king size bed is a must have, and having space to move around it will be great. Plenty of storage underneath and a wardrobe for all the grown ups clothes. By this point, well be back to an open plan feel, There is a large opening window at the back, and that huge rear panoramic screen – just perfect for enjoying the view on a morning!

Rear section of the bus… The bedrooms!

Now for the fun part of turning a drawing into reality… watch this space, and wish us luck!

High-res shot of the plan! – Funny scale, 10mm = 1ft, and the total drawing was 325mm long, 80mm wide!


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