Finally some real progress

After a couple of months of having plenty of time to be cracking on with the conversion, but due to a slow period with work and a new baby, no funds things flipped completely and loads of work came flooding in… meaning, you guessed it! No time!

Things have finally settled down again on the work front, and we have sold our beloved catering trailer to help fund the build. This has meant we’ve been able to start putting in the hours to get some meaningful progress sorted.

Looking back from the end of the kitchen
Fridge enclosure and bunk beds taking shape

So far, pretty much everything is sticking to the floorpan I posted a few weeks ago, with one small change. When we started putting the bunks together it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t enough head height to comfortably get two bunks in, with room for the kids to sit upright and storage underneath.

Solution – take a few inches off the end of the (already oversized) bathroom and throw a second wardrobe/cupboard in there for the kids clothes and bits. In all honesty it feels like a much better design anyway, and means we’ll not be scrabbling on the floor each time the kids need something out from their draws.

Gives a good idea of the size of the bathroom
Bunk beds and wardrobe
Start of the shower room/toilet coming along nicely… its going to be huge!


Finished up at the end of the week in the state you can see in the pictures. It is definitely taking shape now and its great to get a sense of the space coming together, but it was just far too hot to carry on. It must have been over 40 degrees celsius in the bus on Thursday/Friday. Manual labour in those temperatures isn’t a clever choice… Hoping that by the time we have insulated over the un needed windows it should make a big difference, but looking for other options to keep a cool flow of air through out the bus. Time will tell I guess 🙂

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